Afghan Hound


Afghan Hound

Afghan hound

Height: Female - 25- 27
        Male - 27 - 29

Weight: Female - 51 lbs - 55 lbs
        Male - 55 lbs - 62 lbs

Lifespan: 9 - 15 years

Average Litter Size: 8

Afghan hound belongs to hound breed group. They are very good hunters. They will chase almost anything that moves.
The afghan hounds are very good companion. They are sweet, loyal and affectionate.

This breed is dignified, gay, beautiful and intelligent. Their elegance makes them a popular show dog. Now a day, Afghan hounds are use in the sports of Afghan racing.

The Afghan hound general appearance has a thick and silky coat with a very fine texture on the ribs, the legs, and hindquarters. Their coat requires attention and proper care.
It should remain natural and never trimmed. Bath is necessary once a week to keep the coat from matting. Use special grooming tools. Brushing the coat of this breed can make it more easily matted and can cause problems.

Afghan hound is sensitive. They must be train properly and gently. An obedience class is necessary for this type of breed. If they are not given the right training and socialization, this breed can become destructive and disobedience.

Their daily activities must include thirty minutes running, regular walking and fresh water all the time. Their thick coat can cause them to become hot. Regular exercise ensures the correct development of their muscles.

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