Boston Terrier


Boston Terrier

Boston terrier

Height: 15- 17

Weight: 10 lbs - 25 lbs

Lifespan: 9 - 15 years

Average Litter Size: 4

Colors: Brindle, seal or black with white markings

Boston terrier originated from United States. They are originally bred as fighting dog but today this breed are less aggressive, mainly companion dogs. This little terrier is a member of the utility group. Boston terrier is gentle, alert, very intelligent, well mannered and they have a good sense of humor.

This little dog can be quite determined and strong willed. They are very good with children and make ideal housedogs. They are also excellent watchdogs. Even though they are small, they will bark to let their family know if someone is at the door.

This breed has a short and smooth coat that requires only minimal grooming. A grooming mitt used on the coat once a week should be adequate to remove any dead hairs from the coat.

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