Bull Terrier


Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Height: 21- 22

Weight: Female - 45 lbs - 55 lbs
        Male - 55 lbs - 65 lbs

Lifespan: 9 years

Average Litter Size: 5

Bull terrier is a friendly dog with a wonderful sense of humor. This dog makes a good companion and get along well with children.
They are very affectionate, loyal and loving dogs.

Bull terrier loves company so, it is not a good idea to leave alone for a long period because they can cause a lot of damage in the house. They are outgoing dogs. They have plenty of energy to run around catching bouncy ball. Their build is tough and muscular and they require a lot of exercise. 100 - 120 minutes per day both free running and roadwork exercise is ideal for them.

A fully-grown Bull terrier is very strong, making it difficult to train them. It is advisable to train them early when they are puppies like an obedience course. They are intelligent and they learn reasonably quickly. However, as a breed they can be stubborn and have a will of their own so a firm hand is necessary with training.

Bull terrier has short and smooth coat. Colors can be white, white with markings on the head, or a solid color with highlights. Others are black and tan with some white, red, broken black, and fawn. The Bull Terrier is an easy breed to groom. Their shorthaired coats can be groomed using a rubber-grooming mitt once of twice a week.

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