Dog Massage


Dog Massage

By Tara Nandu

Dog massage
Dog massage is really a great way to bond with your dog and help him relax at the same time.

Dog massage involves the same techniques that are used on people. You can use long, slow strokes, percussion and kneading. You can massage the entire body or just focus on special spots. See more on massage.

How to massage your dog or puppy::

Have the dog lie down on a soft but firm surface.
Begin with soft, slow strokes from head to tail.
Then scratch behind the ears, rub along the cheeks and under the chin, over the nose, between the eyes. Always use light pressure and small, circular strokes.
Move to the neck, shoulders, and chest, continuing with nice, even strokes. You can also use three fingers on each side of the leg, rubbing softly in opposite directions.
Pay special attention to the dog's tail. Squeeze the base of her tail quite firmly for a few seconds, then move your hand down the length of the tail all the way to the tip. Maintain a firm grip as you slide your hand.
Avoid any wounds, bruises, lumps, rashes, or sore spots.
Take the opportunity to look for ticks, mats, burrs, or scabs.
Talk to your dog in a soft, sweet voice to add to the calming effect. If your dog resists a techique or a particular spot, move on to something he likes.
Keep your touch light and gentle. Deep massage should only be performed by a trained professional.
Finish up with several soft, slow strokes from head to tail.

You can massage your dog on a regular basis, if he enjoys it. And puppies like massage, too.

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