Dog Pictures


Dog Pictures

Buster and Boogie - Two lovely pugs nicely dressed for Halloween.
Boxer Dog - Boxer in the park...
Boston Terrier - A Boston terrier posing for the camera.
Whippet - A nice Whippet dog called Murphy.
Great Dane - A very large dog breed.
Beagles - Two cute beagle puppies.
Chihuahua - A cute long hair chihuahua.
Bulldog - An American bulldog in the park.
Rottweiler - A nice Rottweiler standing.
Brown Labrador Retriever - A beautiful Labrador sitting.
Maltese - A cute white Maltese dog.
Bichon Frise - A lovely Bichon Frise called Zuzu.
Dachshund - Two playful Dachshund dogs.
Greyhound - A nice greyhound up close.
Pug Pictures - Fun with sunglasses.
German Shepherd - Ben, protection championships winner.

Wolf Picture - A majestic wolf, cousin of dogs ...

Smart Pitbull - Dangerous or not?

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