Dog Toys


Dog Toys

Dogs love to play and to make the best of this trait, you need to buy your dog some good toys.

Dog frisbees or canine discs are an all time favorite for both dogs and owners when it comes to chasing and retreiving play (you can play with your dog without getting exhausted in the process). Playing frisbee is a stress-free way to have fun with your dog. Border collies and Labrador retrievers are the best Frisbee players.
Note: Choose a soft plastic frisbee because these are less likely to injure the dog's mouth and teeth when they snatch it from the air.

Balls are very common dog toys and most dogs play with balls in their lifetime. Dogs prefer objects that move erratically so a better ball is one that bounces unpredictably. You need to alter the ball in such a way as to change its balance. For example, you can puncture the ball and attach a heavy cord or an old tie through the ball. When the ball is thrown, it will now bounce in odd directions.

Squeaky toys are also a dog favorite because when they grab it they think they caught an injured animal.

No matter what dog toys you and your dog play with... just enjoy!

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