German Shepherd


German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Height: 22- 26

Weight: 60 lbs - 140 lbs

Lifespan: 12 years

Average Litter Size: 9 puppies

Colors: Black, gray, with regular brown or yellow-to-light brown markings

German shepherd was developed as companions, guard dogs, sniffer dogs, police dogs, guide dogs and as sheepdogs. They are also popular in the show-ring.
They are large, muscular dog, alert and full of life. It is affectionate, playful with friends and family but they are reserved with strangers. They are the kind of breed that bonds truly to his family and may suffer from separation anxiety when apart from his people. This dog is very brave and protective to its family. They make an excellent guard dog.

GSD is intelligent and highly trainable. They need a great deal of stimulation. This dog is eager to learn and very responsive to training. This breed can adapt to city, suburban and city life but it does best with an active family or individual who will provide them with ample exercise.
They dog is happy when they are doing some type of work. Over-exercising when young can cause damage to growing bones, joints, and muscles

GSD has coarse and straight haired, long and coarse and straight haired, or wavy longhaired. This dog needs regular grooming. Daily brushing of their coat will help remove any dead and loose hairs. No trimming is required and bathing should only be done as needed.

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