Manchester Terrier


Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier

Height: 10" - 12"

Weight: 12 lbs - 22 lbs

Lifespan: 15 years

Average Litter Size: 8 puppies

Colors: Glossy black with mahogany markings

Manchester terrier is a small, short-body, muscular dog with naturally erect ears, cropped ears or button ears. This dog is similar with the appearance of a miniature Doberman Pinscher. There are two varieties of Manchester terrier, a standard and a toy. The toy Manchester weighs less than 12 lbs while, the standard can weigh up to 22 lbs. Their coat has a short, smooth and glossy black color with mahogany markings.

Manchester terrier is affectionate towards its family. It can get along with children but may try to dominate other dogs in the house.
This breed is alert and intelligent. It can learn quickly and it does well in obedience trial. Manchester demands a lot of exercise. Regular daily walks, as well as opportunities to run and play off the leash are necessary.

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