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Finding the Right Pet Health Insurance

The importance of finding the right pet health insurance

The UK is a nation of pet lovers; itís thought as many as one in two British households is a home with a pet and recent research even suggested we are more likely to insure our pets than we are ourselves. While people are undoubtedly becoming more aware of pet insurance, it is still a product often overlooked by first-time pet owners.

New research from Digital UK suggests our pets may be in danger of becoming couch potatoes (they apparently spend 50 minutes each day on average watching TV). It makes sense therefore that pet owners should strive to protect their petís health through a regime of good nutrition and exercise, in addition to having a pet insurance policy in place. In harder economic times such as these, some pet owners can dismiss the importance of having pet insurance. But with less spare cash in our pockets, taking out insurance ahead of any mishaps will prevent any heartache Ė financial or otherwise.

Competition in the marketplace has meant pet insurance has become far more competitive in recent years, with insurers developing products targeted more clearly at different nimals. It is also possible to tailor your policy to your individual needs, adding on extras or taking a basic policy for peace of mind. To find a suitable policy for your pet, why not carry out cat or dog health insurance comparison online? Take time to weigh up any exclusions or benefits and donít be afraid to call for more information. Though many insurers give a discount if you buy your policy online, this does not prevent you from making telephone enquiries before you complete the purchase.

The primary reason pet owners take out insurance is to protect the health of their pet. However, having a policy in place can also make your own life run more smoothly. Many policies now come with added benefits such as paying for boarding for your pet should you have to spend a few days in hospital, helping ease stress at a potentially difficult time. With this in mind itís worth noting that pet insurance is not only important for your pet Ė itís important for you.

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