Boss and Dog Training


The Boss and Dog Training

One of the reasons dogs respond so well to training is that every dog needs someone to look up to. The social order of dogs dictates that every dog must have a leader or be a leader.

The first thing your puppy must learn is that you are the leader, you are the boss! This training should start as soon as your puppy enters your home.

Being a leader means being first. Teach your puppy to wait for you to go through doorways before he can enter or exit a room. You can accomplish this by by keeping him on a leash and going through a door first. If he tries to run ahead of you, use the leash to bring him back. Reward him when he obeys!

Paying attention to you is one of the first things a puppy must learn. Teach him that making eye contact is good by asking him to look at you and then giving him a treat when he looks at your face or makes eye contact. Repeat this until he automatically looks at your eyes.

To establish the leader role, you must have the puppy realize that you are the one who determines when he plays and eats.

When playing, teach him to give you his ball or other toys on command, saying "drop it", or "bring it". Then offer it back to him so he understand that being obedient continues the fun. Always end games with the toy in your hands, not your dog's mouth.

Feed your puppy his daily meals yourself and use treats in training to help him see that you are the source of food. Always ask your puppy to sit and leave it before allowing him to eat from the bowl. You should start teaching him the basic sit and leave it commands as soon as you bring your puppy home. The leave it command is different from stay command in that it's used to prevent your dog from moving toward and taking an object. Puppies should never be allowed to eat scraps on the ground or floor without your permission.

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