Height: 21" - 24"

Weight: 50 lbs - 65 lbs

Lifespan: 11 - 14 years

Average Litter Size: 6 - 8 puppies

Colors: Solid Golden Rust

Vizsla originated from Hungary. This breed is medium size, lean and mascular dog. It has short, smooth coat with solid golden rust color and their eye color blends with their coat. The Vizsla's coat requires minimal care. It only requires ocassional brushing and dry shampoo. Bathing should only be done with a mild soap so as not to strip the coat the protective oils.

Vizsla is friendly, lively and affectionate dog. It also alert and watchful making them an excellent guard dog. This breed is a good hunter. It has the ability to work in the forest, field and water.It excels in retrieving and it can withstand extreme weather conditions.
Vizsla requires a lot of exercise. It is an active dog and enjoys walking, running and outdoor play. Training this dog is easy but it requires socialization and obedience training at early age. Firm, fair and consistent training will work best for this kind of breed. Vizsla displays their talents in the areas of tracking, pointing, retrieving, and competitive obedience.

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